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Perfect Peace

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose heart is stayed on Thee.
—The Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 26:3)

Although thousands of years have elapsed since the prophet Isaiah gave utterance to these beautiful words, the truth which they embody is unrealized by the majority of man-kind today. In their blindness they seem to have lost the "Way that leadeth unto Life." That "the Law of the Lord is perfect" seems to be to many a forgotten truth, and many imagine that they can improve upon the Eternal Law by making, or rather trying to make, fresh laws to suit their own circumstances, and although time after time they are reminded that such a course of action is useless, by its constant failure to bring the promised happiness, they still continue to play with the toys of life.

Most of the professed teachers of the religion of Jesus of Nazareth, tell their hearers that this state of blessedness, the "Peace that passeth all understanding' cannot be fully realized in this life.

Such teaching is directly opposite to that of The Christ they profess to represent, for He taught that the "Kingdom of Heaven is within us," and not in some place beyond the boundary line called death.

All are either consciously or unconsciously striving after this grand consummation, but comparatively few seem to get a conscious realization of it. Many have sought to gain this Peace by following some creed or religion, and although they have faithfully observed all the rules which it demands, they have found that in the hour of trial and temptation it has failed to sustain them, and they have cried in the anguish of their souls, "Peace! Peace! There is no Peace! "Such people have made their creed the foundation of their faith, when they should have used it as the scaffolding. Their desire for Peace has been more or less a selfish one, and where selfishness reigns in the heart Peace cannot enter; but when we cease to think of gain, and dwell only upon Goodness, we begin to realize "the joy of the Lord," for we are now in possession of a "saving instead of a theological knowledge of Christ." We know Him now, not only as the historical personage who died on Calvary, but He is revealed within us as "The Great Comforter," who is ever ready to calm our fears and lead us to a higher plane of life.

When The Christ was incarnated in the body of Jesus of Nazareth, and walked this earth of ours, He was constantly endeavoring to show, by His teaching and, what was of far more importance, by His life, that the secret of happiness and the way to perfect Peace was the simple faith, that God is good.

When we fully realize this truth we are in possession of the secret of the alchemists. This is the famous stone that turneth all to gold; and though our station in life may be what this world considers lowly, we are rich beyond the dreams of avarice, in the knowledge that our Father is the revealer of all good. To Him we bring all our problems, our joys, our sorrows, our failures and successes; each of which has its special message to us. When we are willing to forsake all for Him, then, and not till then, shall we reach the place of Perfect Peace.

Whether we arrive there soon or late does not depend upon when we put off this physical body, but upon the use we make of our opportunities.

Past and future now seem to be but a delusion of the senses, and they lose their hold upon us when we know what it is to dwell in eternity. God is no longer sought for in history or in a future state, but is discerned in all His works. Immortal Love, free as the air we breathe, is now the very life of us. The terror of death, disease, or loss of earthly possessions lose their power over us, for "Perfect Love casteth out fear." Love's refining influence, slowly perhaps, but nevertheless surely, annihilates our selfish nature, and the Peace that we once desired and failed to obtain comes to us unsought. Doubt, anxiety, and sorrow cease, and we rest in the unfailing arms of the eternal Father.

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George H. Allen

Little is known about this author. May be the brother of James Allen.  If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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