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The Infallible Adjustment

How complete in every particular is the Law of justice! How fine its relations and how exact its claims! Indeed, if we make a careful and impartial investigation we shall find that the Universe, in all its departments, adaptations and sequences, is built upon the plan of Universal Justice. The law of equivalents and compensations everywhere prevails. We have only to open our eyes, and, without prejudice, honestly search for the truth in this matter, and we shall see that the Infallible Architect of the Universe has accurately adjusted all things in their relations one to another, and so wisely and certainly will cause and consequence appear related to each other that our highest admiration will be awakened.

If we see this is true in nature in its simple, complex and diversified operations and results, how much more apparent is it in the moral world. That transparent aphorism "as ye sow ye shall also reap" is abundantly illustrated everywhere—though many act as if they imagined it surely possible to for ever cover up their sins, and thereby secure immunity from their consequences and defeat the claims of Justice. Men may, and often do, engage in a course of wrong-doing against their fellows; but there is a perfect Law of Justice which certainly will, sometime and somewhere, exact the full measure and uttermost farthing.

Much wrongdoing wrought in the world may fade from the memory or become partially obscured, because of passing events or rolling years, yet that faithful register of all things, that records the doings of every life; that exact invisible record of the memory; that truthful accountant that inspects every life, and carries forward correct exhibits in the clear light of impartial Justice, will enforce its claims. The register is infallible because of perfect knowledge, unerring wisdom and unswerving justice in the administration of all things in the dominions of Infinite Spirit. And not only does the punishment—as a natural and unavoidable sequence—result from crime, as surely as water seeks its own level, but the rewards of good deeds will as certainly follow them as that fragrance is born with the sweet flower. Effect proceeds from cause, and it is an invariable law that all causes produce effects after their kind, from the offensive odor of decaying matter to the delightsome aroma of the beautiful flower.

It is a thought worthy of very serious consideration that no soul can get away from its own life—the record of what it has been; no other can claim its reward or suffer its penalties. The good and the evil we have thought and done are surely our own. We may, in selfishness and blindness, practice self-deceit by magnifying the good and minimizing the evil, or try to persuade ourselves that the evil is good, yet we shall find that in the final outcome the operations and enforcements of the Law of Justice are perfect in the realms of Infinite Spirit.

No temporizer can secure a compromise with the Infallible Judge, or an abatement of the claims of Eternal and Unchangeable Justice.

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J. H. Lucas

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