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It is one of the easiest things in the world to find fault with other people's work and ideas, and the man who is mostly wrong himself will have the most fault to find with others. Some people seem to pride themselves on condemning anything and everything that they come across, frequently bringing all sorts of arguments forward in order to assist them in their condemnation. This is undoubtedly a very bad habit for anyone to adopt, and when we realize that we are living in this condition of mind we should make a strong effort to check ourselves, for it is the first step towards destroying both love and friendship, and if persisted in may someday rob us of those who are best and dearest to us.

None of us can possibly forecast what loving help we may stand in need of ere we reach the grave, it is therefore better that we should sow seeds of kindness rather than tares of condemnation, the reaping of which must be done by ourselves. Fault-finding is certainly not in strict accordance with true Christianity, and if it does no more it is bound to considerably reduce the number of friends who would otherwise have flocked round us in our hour of need. To pull down (metaphorically speaking} and totally destroy with the tongue a gigantic institution that perhaps has taken years to construct, may be a most simple matter, but before we attempt such a thing as this, it is most important that we should have something of far greater value and beauty to put into its place. Men will sometimes rave about what they call the "injustice" that is being done to a certain class of people, they will perhaps paint a dismal picture of the wretched homes and the starvation wages that are being paid; misery and poverty will be largely portrayed, and all the wretchedness of thousands of people will be put down as entirely due to the constitution of the country, the laws of the land, the grinding landlord, or the grasping capitalist. The wealthy class generally have no doubt many faults, and the exacting landlord and the unscrupulous capitalist may be easily found, but to say that they are partly or wholly to blame for other people's poverty and misery is simply to show a want of knowledge, for God has not been so cruelly unjust as to leave the condition of even one individual in any part of the world at the mercy of another. When we fully and clearly understand this one positive fact we shall then see for ourselves the great and wonderful power that God has implanted within us all, and our road to happiness, peace, comfort, and contentment will appear plainly in front of us, and we can undoubtedly have all these things in this world if we will but do God's bidding.

The constitution of this country may be re-modelled, and all the laws of the land maybe re-adjusted, but nothing of this kind can possibly make things better for us either in health, wealth, or happiness unless we individually deserve such improvement; and, on the other hand, let the Government of the country be as bad as it may, the laws of man the worst that can be conceived, our neighbors bad at heart, and our fellow workmen the worst of characters, yet not one of these things can possibly detract from our position unless we are individually deserving of some such loss. It often causes one severe heart-aching to see, to hear, and to read of extreme cases of poverty and misery sometimes near our own doors, and it is undoubtedly our duty as man to man, and also our duty to God, to do all in our power to relieve and alleviate the sufferings of others; but this can only be done by individual action. Attempting to put the blame upon other people does not in any way assist those who are in distress, neither does it benefit Ourselves in any shape or form, but rather tends to increase the misery of all concerned. What God is saying to us all at the present time is: a little more individual work please, set your fellow-men a better example generally, and don't talk so much about the faults of others.

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Hugo Wright

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