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It is not always necessary for me to run away from undesirable environment. I can conquer it right where I am, and that without fighting.

If it is worth conquering, if there are in it the elements of good, I can mould the condition to my desires by the quiet power of the higher will. While this progress is going on I can rise superior to the uncongenialities by realizing my own resources, by quietly resting on my own strength. This self-poise is a requisite of success. By thus rising above the undesirable we destroy its power to affect us. Conditions have no power to injure us, save as we grant them such power through our own fear and weakness.

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Helen Wilmans

  • Born in 1831 and died in 1907
  • Studied under Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • Was a journalist and author
  • Was active in the Mental Science Movement
  • Was charged with postal fraud for healing through mail. Fighting this charged caused her lose most of her fortune.

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