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Gems of Truth From Ruskin

Every duty we omit obscures some truth we should have known.

We need not hope that our work will be majestic if there is no majesty in ourselves.

Out of imperfect knowledge spring terror, dissension, danger, and disdain, but from perfect knowledge...strength and peace.

No soul can be perfect in an imperfect body, no body perfect without a perfect soul.

Every high action and true thought sets the seal of its beauty on person and face; every wrong action and foul thought its seal of distortion.

Nature asks calmly and inevitably, what have you found or formed—the right or the wrong? By the right thing you shall live; by the wrong you shall die.

There is as yet no ascertained limit to the nobleness of person and mind which the human creature may attain, by persevering observance of the laws of God.

For every piece of wise work done, so much life is granted; for every piece of foolish work, nothing; for every piece of wicked work, so much death is allotted. This is as sure as the courses of day and night.

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John Ruskin

  • Born on February 8th, 1819 in London, England and died on January, 20th 1900
  • A prominent social thinker and philanthropist

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