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The Divine, or Cosmic, Peace

The first-born Son of the perfect mental Light in the last cycle said to His disciples, "Peace I leave with you. My peace l give unto you: not as the world giveth, give l unto you." This peace, which Jesus said . was His peace, and which is the peace of all the obedient believers in His word, through faith in which they receive the peace, we thus see is entirely separate and distinct from the peace of the world.

The peace of the world is only the suspension of active, sanguine hostilities, while all the political, social and industrial, and even religious, warfare of mankind on each other proceeds legally as the world's natural life; and all the means of resuming the deadly strife, which is the final arbiter of the great disagreements of mankind, are held in reserve for action at any moment of aggressive alarm; so that the world is never free from anxiety, therefore it has no real peace. And as all the divisions of all the religions are equally involved in the continual anxiety, therefore none of these enjoy the peace of the Christ, which is separate and distinct from the world.

None of these have anything but a hope of realizing the perfect peace of the Christ after they are dead, of which hope Jesus never taught a word. His promise is "Peace on earth," not anywhere else; and it was on the earth He left it with His disciples to be fully enjoyed there and then by obedience. And, startling as the assertion may seem, the world is in this peaceless condition because it does not know what the doctrine of Jesus is, therefore it cannot believe in and obey it.

The world's acknowledged teachers do not apprehend the infinite Law of Being, "of which are all things," which is the Truth, the Perfection, the Divinity of all things, and the perfect Light of the mind, as the Christ taught. The world, including all its Churches, does not believe in any infinite Divinity. To it existence is divided irreconcilably against itself between good and evil; and to it only that which it decides is good is Divine; and thus mankind are divided against each other, and against themselves, therefore their life is that of unbelief in any perfect God, hence it is necessarily full of distrust of each other as God's creatures; and the peace of the Christ is impossible to them in this state of mind, hence their universal armament for war.

Faith in Jesus is not faith in Him as a vicarious atonement, which doctrine Jesus never taught; but it is the faith in His doctrine which assures the obedience that realizes all His promises in the obedience, the summation of which is the peace and joy which entirely surpasseth the understanding of the worldly mind. Its eye hath not seen, nor its ear heard, nor can it conceive the perfection of life which those enjoy whose righteousness is that of the faith of Jesus in the Divinity of all things. Those who have this faith are reconciled to the infinite Order, to each other, and to themselves. Having no thought of evil, they provide no means of resisting each other as evil. Being full of the Divine Word of Truth, and Mercy, which is their Divine nature, their life is consciously Divine.

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