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Be Happy (Poem)

Let us try to be happy! We may, if we will,
Find some pleasures in life to o'erbalance the ill,
There was never an evil, if well understood,
But what, rightly managed, would turn to a good.
If we were but as ready to look to the light
As we are to sit moping because it is night,
We should own it a truth, both in word and in deed,
That who tries to be happy is sure to succeed.

Let us try to be happy! Some shades of regret
Are sure to hang round, which we cannot forget;
There are times when the lightest of spirits must bow,
And the sunniest face wear a cloud on the brow.
We must never bid feelings, the purest and best,
Lie blunted and cold in our bosom at rest;
But the deeper our own griefs the greater our need
To try to be happy, lest other hearts bleed.

O, try to be happy! It is not for long
We shall cheer on each other by counsel or song;
If we make the best use of our time that we may,
There is much we can do to enliven the way.
Let us only in earnestness each do our best
Before God and our conscience, and trust for the rest;
Still taking this truth, both in word and in deed,
That who tries to be happy is sure to succeed.

This is the preparation for a good old age: duty well done, for its own sake, for God's sake, and for the sake of the common-wealth of man.
When a man works only for himself, he gets neither rest here, nor reward hereafter.
—Robert Collyer
He who struggles in the interest of self, so that he himself may be great, or powerful, or rich, or famous, will have no reward, but he who struggles for righteousness and truth, will have great reward, for even his defeat will be a victory.

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Elizabeth P. Roberts

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