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Substantial Comfort (Part 2)

I have set up a new motto and it is "No matter." Whatever happens this is what I would say and feel, because it is a great and grand truth. Absolutely nothing matters to those who realize their oneness with God; how can it? Infinite Power is above and beyond everything finite, therefore are we justified in saying on every occasion "No matter." Infinite Wisdom has made the world and all that dwell therein, therefore in spite of appearances can we not say, "No matter"? Infinite Love is responsible for every created soul, so whatever its bitter experience, are we not justified in saying, "No matter"? and when we come to our individual experience, surely concerning everything we can exclaim in joyful triumph, "No matter." The more I realize my kinship, my at-one-ship with the Father, the more confidently I exclaim, under every conceivable circumstance, "No matter," because then I am conscious of a divine heredity, I am the heir in possession, and can declare that no plague shall come nigh my dwelling. I dwell in God, for God dwells in me, therefore old things are passed away, and all has become new; it is a new heaven, for it is within me, instead of in the sky; it is a new earth, for tears have been wiped from my eyes on behalf of my fellow creatures and myself; there is no more death, for death is only more abundant life; thus sorrow and sighing have fled away. Can we conceive of anything that matters under such circumstances? Come what will, come what may, come what can, are we not masters of the situation able to alter circumstances or adjust ourselves to them? How often have we done this, and shall do so again and again, till fear dies a natural death beneath the breath of Divine power. When I realize this Divine Unity, this God-man, this man-God, which I am, then I am not strong, I am strength; I am not wise, I am wisdom; I am not loving, I am love; my soul feels the calm and the warmth and the knowledge which this involves. I am content, for what more could I want or have? Oh, blessed result of the new birth, and blessed conviction that of every soul it has been said, "Ye must be born again," for:

Home unscathed each brother will return,
And every end for which his soul did yearn
Accomplished see.

We are all spiritual photographic negatives in various stages of development; all God, manifest or unmanifest; we shall all by some means, eventually come out in His likeness, for humanity is Himself, and therefore is He lovingly responsible for it.

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