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Evil (Poem)

One Absolute exists: 'tis Love—'tis God!
And Evil—dreamin child of Time and Space
(A finite pair)—unwitting, works God's Will,
To bring—if need be, through lone paths of pain—
Chasten'd and meek, rebellious man to Heav'n.
Our ills are discords unresolved in Time,
That make sweet concord in Eternity.

I reverently bless God the Father for what consolations of affection—I can conceive of no other—He has vouchsafed to me in my later years; and in them I gather strength to struggle with the occasional return of weariness of existence. But even were these consolations denied me, I believe I should still be what I am. Whether the sun shines with the serene splendor of an Italian noon, or the leaden, corpse-like hue of the Northern mist be above us, I cannot see that it changes our duty. God dwells above the earthly heaven, and the holy stars of Faith and the Future still shine within our souls, even though their light consume itself unreflected as the sepulchral lamp.

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Percy G. Mocatta

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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