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Substantial Comfort (Part 3)

Just as the animal to a great degree dies out of the man's life, so the man to a great degree dies out of the God-man's life, his little selfish personality disappears, and he believes Universal Being to be himself. Then, and not till then, does he know how strong, how sweet, how wise he is, a Spirit-man instead of a flesh-man; I charge my mind to remember that the flesh-man is not an entity, that Spirit is the only "I," as Coleridge expresses it, "God my identity, God all in all, I and my Father one." In a great sorrow no comfort should be looked for in possible material alleviations, which are broken reeds to lean upon. I will comfort myself with the assurance that God is manifesting as me; nothing less will give me power to adjust my mind to everything or anything that may befall; nothing else can lift me above conditions and circumstances; God being me, my mind and body are strong because they are mine, and when adversity Comes in any shape, Spirit, Soul and Body it will be more than equal to the occasion. As Sarah Griswold says: "Every moment of my life is employed listening to Spirit, and in overcoming the world. I have come to see that every place is the best place, and every time is the best time, for right then and there I have some lesson to learn, some demonstration to make; every incident of my life holds a blessing, and as such I would receive and praise it for its hidden treasure. There is no burden to Spirit; it is personality that feels a burden. When I realize that I am Spirit I lose sight of my little selfish personality and say, as Spirit I am unmoved by appearances, which are nothing to me; there is good in everything; I will praise and glorify every experience, whatever it may be.

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