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Life's Music (Poem)

Around the shipwreck of our mortal life,
Beyond its tragedy of pain and death,
Above the hurricane and heated breath
Of passion, soft the healing music strives
For utterance within the fevered soul,
To bring it harmony, and make it whole.

Above the noisy discord and the fret
Of daily life (if one could but be still)
Man with his tired heart and fitful will
Would catch the mystic music and forget
Life's tumult; free to breathe the atmosphere
Where music dwells. ("He that hath ears shall hear.")

All reforms must fail that are not builded upon love. All the "agitation" in the world can never bring better social and economic conditions.
The law must be the law of love; the only union the union of mankind in a common brotherhood. No reform can be wrought by setting man against man.
—Viola Richardson
Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig.
—Marcus Aurelius

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Winifred A. Cook

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