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The Finding of Wisdom (Poem)

I sought the world, but peace was not there;
I courted learning, but Truth was not revealed;
I sojourned with philosophy, but my heart was sore with vanity.
And I cried, "Where is Peace to be found?
And where is the hiding-place of Truth?"
In Humility I found Peace,
In the practice of Righteousness Truth was revealed,
And in self-obliteration I reached the end of pain and vanity.
Bend low, ye pilgrims;
Prostrate yourselves, ye weary and disconsolate;
Give up that ye love, ye stricken and afflicted;
For he that bendeth himself shall be straightened;
He that prostrateth himself shall be lifted up,
And whosoever relinquishes self shall see the end of his afflictions.
Narrow and low is the portal of Humility,
But he that stoopeth, and entereth therein, shall stand for ever.

For never in this world does hatred cease by hatred; hatred ceases by love; this is always its nature.
If thou would'st not be known to do anything, never do it!

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Filius Lucis

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