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Real Prosperity

Real prosperity is not to be estimated by large estates or great wealth. It is the blessing of the Lord that maketh rich. It is this which gives to the possessions of earth their true value, and which makes the little that the righteous man hath better than all the wealth of the wicked. It is a great mistake to suppose that because a man has much of this world’s goods and gold, therefore he is prosperous. Why, his wealth may be under a curse. Unblessed riches are burdensome to keep, and they are far from being comfortable to enjoy. They more frequently secure their possessor than their possessor them. We see how much such a man has, and we are apt to envy him; did we see how little he enjoys, we should be led to pity him. It is not what a man has, but what a man is, that constitutes the secret of his happiness. Our Savior tells us—and what a different world it would be if men would only believe Him—"A man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things he possesseth."

Call it happiness or call it blessedness, the life whose end is righteousness is a life which satisfies and which one is willing, and glad, to live; its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are peace.
—Rufus Ellis

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