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The Power of Unselfishness

After twenty years’ practice as a physician, I am satisfied that much of what goes under the name of chronic disease, especially of a nervous type, has its root in selfishness—at least, a purely unselfish man or woman, with consequent tranquil happiness, I never saw who was a nervous invalid. Such a state is usually the result of an over-estimate of their own importance and value in the universe, and a desire to make everybody contribute to them, instead of sacrificing themselves to others, according to the Christ principle. The best prescription for such persons is, in the words of Jesus Christ, I “Give, and it shall be given."

To love something outside, or beside ourselves, and to be actuated by an irrepressible desire to be of use—to do good to others—gives a strength and tenacity of life that in some cases seem to border on the miraculous. I have known some persons whose ruling passion was to do good, who have carried with them through many years an amount of suffering that would have crushed out prematurely many a less unselfish life. In their case their diseased condition did not subtract a single unit from "the days of the years of their life."

He who consecrates himself to the good of universal being, and thus becomes an organ of communication between the Divine Love and human needs, is immortal. If God’s life is Love, and all life is from Him, then he who LOVES the most really exhibits the highest degree of life, and God’s eternity contributes to his longevity.

It is to be remarked that regeneration, or being born, or BORNE, from above, is not a CONSTITIONAL change, that is, it creates no new powers or faculties in the human soul. All that it can do is to take the man as he is, and regulate and direct the powers that he receives and possesses as an ordinary inheritance. No new CREATION is possible nor is it needed, as there is no faculty of the soul that is wrong in itself, but only in its activity in the wrong direction. The legitimate use of all our powers, and of every native instinct, sentiment, and faculty, is in accordance with the will of God, and is to us the law of health and of God. Every man has within himself the germ of a true spiritual life.

Nothing can work me damage except myself; the harm that I sustain I carry about with me, and never am a real sufferer but by my own fault.
—St. Bernard

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Warren Felt Evans

  • Born on December 23rd, 1817 in Rockingham, Vermont and died in 1889
  • New Thought author (six books)
  • Patient of Phineas P. Quimby

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