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Love (Poem)

From The Opening of The Gates
By Permission

O Spirit, thou alone who art,
In whom alone our life doth live,
Thou dwellest in the simple heart,
And joyest all thy joys to give.

And duty ever great and true,
Cometh from thee divinely fair,
And everything in love we do
Woundeth the spirit of despair.

For love alone can truly act,
And love alone can do a deed
That bideth an eternal fact,
That liveth an enduring seed.

And love alone can move the springs,—
The hidden springs of living wills,
Soon as her fingers touch the strings
The raptured soul with music thrills.

And love alone can move the hand
To bless and comfort the distrest,
And evermore she will command
The strongest, noblest, and the best.

He who harbors in his heart love of truth will live and not die, for he has drunk the water of immortality.

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James MacBeth

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