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Forgiveness of Sin

Has it ever occurred to you when you pray the Lord’s Prayer that, unless you have obliterated from your heart all remembrance of personal wrong, you are asking for punishment rather than forgiveness? If you have never before come in contact with this idea, it will doubtless startle you; yet it is strictly true. There is a particular request in that Prayer which runs, "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us." That is, you are not only praying to be forgiven in the exact measure that you have forgiven others, but you are actually praying to be punished exactly as you have caused pain to another.

Jesus framed that Prayer upon an intimate knowledge of the Eternal Law, and He knew that there could be no possibility of forgiveness of sin until sin was given up. That was why He coupled the blessed words, "Thy sins be forgiven thee," with the warning command, "Sin no more."

The salvation of the soul is worked out by suffering, by ever-recurring punishments, for sin can be purged out in no other way. It is only when men are enslaved by fear and ignorance and selfishness that they make excuses for their wrong-doing, and seek to escape the just consequences of their own acts. When divine enlightenment begins to dawn upon the mind, suffering for one’s own folly is willingly and humbly accepted, for it is then seen that punishment, swift and severe, is the shortest way back to the Father’s Mansion.

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Eustace Miles

  • Born on September, 22nd 1868 and died on December, 20th 1948
  • From Hampstead, England
  • Attended Marlborough College and King's College, Cambridge
  • Tennis player and author

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