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Divine Justice

As man is, so has he made himself. The Divine Essence, the True Self within him emanates from the Almighty; but his physical surroundings are of his own creation. The present is the outcome of the past; therefore the future may be controlled by the present. Sickness and health, wisdom and folly, wealth and poverty, spirituality and bestiality, purity and defilement, all lie within his own choice. In accordance with his actions so will be his future.

The Law of Nature strikes no balance on a man’s whole life. People are apt to imagine that Heaven acts the part of a trade accountant; and that as a trader’s business books are balanced, the loss and expenses set off against profit, and the business deemed “good or bad as the net result shows gain or loss on a year’s trading, so a man’s life is taken account of by the Heavenly Auditor, and reckoned good or bad in proportion as the good actions outweigh the evil, or the evil actions outweigh the good. Such is not the case. Every action brings its own distinct result. If a Saint, one whose whole life was a record of good deeds, sinned against his fellow-man in one particular, that one action would bring its consequence; while the greatest sinner, who had but few good actions in his life, would receive the consequence of those actions, irrespective of his general conduct. Each good action brings good, each bad action brings evil; that is the Law.

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