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What can man do in this world to secure his happiness here and best fit him for the world which is to come? We may sum it all up in one or two bright phrases, two phrases ancient in their origin, positive and negative in their expressions: "You shall do unto others what you would have others do unto you," and "shall not do unto others what you would not have others to do unto you." If every man and woman in the world lived these two doctrines, we could close every goal tomorrow. They do not so live them, for a very patent reason, which we may indicate rather than specify, by saying that so long as men remember that there is the possibility of forgiveness they will put off the evil day of reckoning. When they learn that there is no forgiveness, that everyone must accept the results of his own life, good or bad as the case may be, then the eternal revolution will be effected in human conduct. Man will find that as he cannot trifle with the laws of physical universe without entailing disease, so the same applies to the moral and spiritual world. —Extract

Exercise every virtue and flee from every vice; for a virtue draws others after it, and a vice draws others after it;
the reward of virtue is virtue, and the reward of vice is vice.
—Ben Asai

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