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The Perfect Man (Poem)

For God thou seekest! Where, and why?—
Thou scarce shalt find Him here or there—
In earth below, in Heaven on high,
But rather everywhere.

For God?—but what dost thou expect
To find? He’s all. Not so confined
As to be cramped in creed or sect:
Good thoughts, brave deeds, kind words, reflect
His image: be not blind.

The God which you and I conceive
Comes as a man—manhood alone
Expresseth—as we must believe—
All that of Godhead can be shown.

There is nothing that will transform an impure spirit to purity but good, clean thoughts.
Ignorance and laziness may invent makeshifts, but in the end all will have to resort to this simple method to cleanse the mind, spirit and body.
No priest nor preacher can ever do for you what you must do for yourself.
—Lucy A. Mallory

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