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Duty (Poem)

"Do! do! What shall I do?"
Is that still your cry?
"Know! know! What would I know?"
Is that still your sigh?

Leave thyself and all thy doing,
Cease from thought and all thy knowing,
Yield thee to the soul that moveth
O’er the earth, the soul of beauty,
When her voice of Love reproveth,
Know it pointeth unto duty.

Yield thee to her warm embrace
While she seeketh to be in thee,
Know her by her kindly grace,
Know her by her power to win thee.

All her motionings fulfill,
With an unimpeded will,
When she moveth thee to do
Deeds of simple manly hue;
This is doing, this is knowing,
This is life for ever growing.

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James MacBeth

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