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The Christ-Life

We cannot shape our lives from any outer model. It is the creative power within that makes all changes, even in the things about us. Persons not satisfied with the present order seek to reform it. The first step in any reformation is to conform to this inner law. We should strive to change the outer through the inner. Thus do we become thoroughly harmonious—in mind and body—-and avoid being led into bondage of any kind. We wish to be free in the Christ—the Christ thought and order of life; for there is a Christ order which frees us from all the sin, sickness and slavery of the world. Obedience thereto enables us to rise above the world and its limitations, and to become a law unto ourselves—a law that brings only that which is true and good and pure into the mind. If we would avail ourselves of its beneficence we must acknowledge the spiritual operation in our individual lives. Thus shall we realize that we are children of God and joint-heirs with Christ, and that we have dominion and power over all things.

When the fight begins within himself,
A man’s worth something.

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Charles Brodie Patterson

  • Canadian New Thought author
  • Born in Nova Scotia in 1854 and died on June, 22nd 1917

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