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Soul Unity

One of the most profound sayings of Jesus, and one which most strongly appeals to our common human sympathy, was spoken when He foresaw the coming of His tragic earthly end, and said to His followers: "Ye shall be scattered every man to his own, and shall leave Me alone, and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me."

He then felt that deep soul unity with the Infinite and the Perfect, which is more real than physical life, and more surely attainable than many of us believe. This soul unity is one of the great facts of human experience, and is seen in all the highest aspirations of the best minds, connecting them in intimate fellowship however far apart in time, or divided by space.

The wisdom of Zoroaster when he taught his followers that the way to the Perfect Life was, by "Pure thought, pure words, and pure deeds," was but an echo of the teaching of Buddha in his "Noble Eightfold Path" of "Right Views, High Aims, Kindly Speech, Upright Conduct, a Harmless Livelihood, Perseverance in Well-doing, Intellectual activity, and Earnest Thought." This, again, is but developed and brought nearer by Jesus, when in the sermon on the mount He proclaims the blessedness of the meek, the merciful, the peacemakers, and those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, and invites mankind to "seek first the kingdom of God " which is within.

Side by side with all these great truths may be placed the aspirations of many modern souls, notably such as the wise and gentle poet Whittier feels when he sings:—

I pray for faith, I long to trust:
I listen with my heart, and hear
A voice without a sound, "Be just,
Be true, be merciful, revere
The word within thee, God is near.

And so we see a golden chain of soul unity running through and binding together these precious noble souls, and the one great infinite Over-soul; as we also, if we are willing, may grow up into the same unity, a beautiful, harmonious and sympathetic brotherhood, out of every kindred and tongue, the forerunners of a kingdom, wide as the universe, and endless as eternity.

Can anyone say on any day that he has done his whole duty; that he has done all that he ought to have done;
that he has uttered no hasty word, entertained no wrong thought, or passed no harsh judgment upon his fellow-man?

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