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The Prosperous Man

I count that man prosperous who is at peace with the world, in whose heart lurks no animosity, malice, or jealousy; whose home life is ideal; whose business is not his master; whose passions do not control him, and who witnesses in all humanity his brothers and sisters, equal heirs with him of the benefits and bounties of nature.

I call that man prosperous who has learned the wealth of love more than the value of money, for he has gained a legal tender that passes where money has no value. The man who habitually loves, has gained prosperity beyond the most sanguine interpretation of the word.

Man is never so strong with his own native strength as when he realizes that he stands entirely alone. He who no longer believes in reward or punishment must do good for the sake of good. It is within ourselves that reward must be found. An act of goodness is of itself an act of happiness. They who do good, expecting nothing in return, know a joy that is divine. The joy of doing good for the sake of good is the most beautiful joy we know.
—Maurice Maeterlinck

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