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The Land of Silence (Poem)

There is strength for every duty,
There is balm for every pain,
In the blessed Land of Silence
Where the soul's "I Am" doth reign.

Not in some celestial city,
With its shining streets of gold;
Not in some far-distant future
Which the years may yet unfold.

Not in time, and not in distance,
Lies the Land of our desire,
But throughout our whole existence
In us burns its sacred fire.

The inheritance of "all things"
God has placed at our command;
We may find whene'er we seek it
In this silent mystic Land.

Ours it has been through all ages,
Still it waits the Word of Power
Which unlocks the wondrous Portals
All are nearing hour by hour.

We must recognize our oneness
With the Father of all Good;
Claim our heritage of glory,
Children of Infinitude.


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J. P. Ovens

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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