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The Joyful Life

To be ushered into turmoil, blindly toil a few years through its fitful maze, and then go out in darkness is surely not the method of wise design. Life must mean more than this, and it does mean more. Man is the builder, and to him is given all the materials out of which to construct the temple in which he dwells. He builds in wisdom or ignorance, according to his obedience, his receptivity to the sphere of intelligence within him.

It is your mission to express all that you can imagine God to be. Let this be your standard of achievement, and never lower it, nor allow yourself to be belittled by the cry of sacrilege. You may attain to everything you can imagine. If you imagine it possible to God, it is also possible to you. Whatever possibility your mind conceives, that is for you to attain. This is the law—let none belittle himself nor dwarf the Supreme by trying to annul it. "All thine are mine, and mine are thine."

God is, and we are. Let us live in His world. Not a world to be tomorrow, next month, next year, or next century, but here and now. God's beautiful universe is all about us, only waiting our acknowledgment of its presence. Let us know God and live—live with love and joy, health and peace here evermore.

Leo Virgo in Unity

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Leo Virgo

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