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The Continuity of Life

We are accustomed to think and speak of life in a very foolish and even false manner. We think of it as short, ephemeral, evil. We say our years are "as a tale that is told," and "as a watch in the night," or we lament that they are "few and evil," and that we are "born to sorrow as the sparks fly upward." We say "man is mortal," and we Speak of "this life," and the "next life," or "the life to come," and we forget or ignore the fact that life is one continuous, progressive, everlasting whole, not something divisible into temporal life and eternal life.

This is a great blunder and causes us to take a wrong attitude towards our present duties and discipline. If the Reality of each life be the Infinite and Eternal Spirit, then no such thing as time can exist for us, except as a convenient figure of speech. We are in Eternity now, and always must be, because we are eternal, and only the present, one everlasting Now, can ever exist for us. The change which we call Death can make no difference in this respect. Death is not the end of life, but the beginning of a new epoch of it. It is a mistake, leading to confusion of thought, to speak of any as I heard one, who had just passed on, alluded to the other day as "this dead man."

Life is a great school, and Time is but its Kindergarten class. Here we learn our ABC, and often weep over our lesson books, but when we have learned to spell them better we shall be moved up to a higher form. Our friends are not in some "other life," and still less have we the right to think or speak of them as "dead men," lying in cold and lonely graves until some resurrection trumpet sound. They have but passed to a higher class in the next room, and through the half-latched door we fancy sometimes we hear their voices as they, too, con their lessons. In this School of Life there are no failures. We may be very stupid over our little Kindergarten tasks, and be "turned" again and again, but finally the ascent will be made from "glory unto glory," until the Life which is our life shall be fully manifested, and we shall be perfect even as He is perfect.

All educational methods err so far as they seek to rearrange circumstances from outside.
Only the soul knows the needs of the soul, and only the soul shall supply the power needed rightly to readjust environment.

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