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Substantial Comfort (Part 1)

Conditions and circumstances cease to press us in proportion to the Spiritual Power we bring to bear upon them; the slightest trial may prove severe, and the severest trial light, according to the Spiritual Power with which we meet it; so that the thing to be considered is not the condition or circumstance, but our own God-like Power; fix the mind on that, and every mountain will become a molehill; leave that factor out and every molehill will become a mountain. As a God-incarnate man I am a giant in power, and I love to manifest my strength; I love to manifest my love to every living thing, and therefore to my own mind and body; I love to lift them above all that would press them down, saying, "Be of good cheer, nothing shall by any means hurt you." When my mind recognizes its sweet, strong, wise, Divine Master, then it is mastered, and in its turn masters body also; so that mind and body are strong, as Spirit, and the three are realized as One Divine Man. Man being thus conscious of his Divinity, what can affright him, whom shall he fear, of what shall he be afraid? I charge my mind to fix itself on that; to stand on its own dignity and say in every extremity, "none of these things move me." Thus I trample every trial under my feet and use it as a trophy of Almighty Power. I Fancy an inner chamber full of flags of victory, trophies of Spiritual achievements. What are old battle rags compared to these? "He who ruleth himself is greater than he who taketh a city."

Who conquers self, on Death and Hell hath trod,
Round him is Paradise, within him, God.

But if we had no trials we should have no trophies, or any such positive manifestation of Spirit's power. Thus shall a momentary sorrow be turned into a lasting joy, and every sorrow rightly viewed resolves itself into a growing pain, a travail preceding the birth of some Spiritual joy.

It matters not what circumstance brings this about, that is a mere detail, the object of it is to prove our Spiritual power of adjusting the mind to any condition or circumstance by realizing our Divinity, that is to say, our Oneness with God.

We are the rulers of our destinies.
One foe alone can trespass on our right
To freedom, and to happiness and peace.
His name is Ignorance, and in our hands
We hold the wherewithal to lay him low.
—Anita Trueman Pickett

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