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Self-Reliance (Poem)

None but thyself can live thy life; none other
Can work for thee. Collect experience;
Trust to thyself, nor lean not on thy brother
All is in thee, and shall develop hence.

Convince thyself thy life below is needed,
Else were it not projected on this plane.
Can God be cheated? Hath His plan succeeded?
Doubt not, but in serenity remain.

Possess in peace thy soul: be not deluded.
Know, this and that can never harm, secur
In the retirement of thy soul secluded
Place trust in Truth and Good, they shall endure.

Then taste and see! some day the full fruition
Of the seed sown on hard and stony ground
Shall be enjoyed, and in a changed condition
Another state thy spirit shall have found.

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Richard Dimsdale Stocker

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