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The Inward Reality

Daily contemplation or meditation on truth and duty, and earnest aspiration, are as necessary to the health and progress of the spiritual nature or higher soul, as our daily material food is to the sustenance and welfare of the physical body. It may truly be said to be the "daily bread" of the soul. To use this key we endeavor to close the consciousness as related to outer things, and turn it inward to that plane where the soul basks in the light of the Eternal, and begins to realize its union with its Divine Parent. In drawing near to this inner realm we feel that it is within and around us constantly, and that we are within it. Feeling thus that it is possible to approach nearer and nearer to the Fountain of all Spirit, one learns to listen to its promptings, to heed the silent voice; to turn toward this inmost Presence unceasingly, for guidance, and with longings unutterable for conscious and eternal union with it—a condition which, when gained, renders one a fit channel for those outgoing energies of human beneficence, without which the world would lapse into chaos. In the higher realms of this state, truths flash into recognition and hidden things are made plain, and all the strife and discords of earth are transformed into glorious harmonies which blend with the sublime symphonies of ascending planes until merged in the music of the spheres.

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W. A. English, MD.

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