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Heaven and Hell

The noble man has a noble Kingdom; it extends as far and wide as his thought and love can reach. The base man has a mean kingdom; but still it is his own. If he so wills, he can broaden it, better it. He can lose it only through his own abdication; for in all the universe he has no real enemy but is himself.

Man makes his own heaven and hell. Heaven and hell are real. They are here, always with us and follow us through all experiences. Now, and every day of our lives, we must choose between them. We can accept either, scorn either.

Hell is in the neglecting of opportunities, and descending among the vile and slothful; in descending so low that opportunity may almost cease, and hope die, and intelligence be lost.

Heaven is in the improving of opportunities, and in ascending to the level of the wise and good. Heaven is visible to us, in bodies sound, strong, and clean; in organs that can resist disease; in eyes that can drink beauty; in ears attuned to music; in minds l that can reason and understand; appreciative of noble thoughts and deeds, eager for wisdom, hospitable to the truth, scornful of lies; in moral natures set to the Golden Rule; kindly, cheerful, generous, loving and just; in courage true, in honor bright.

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O. J. Smith

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