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Gems of Truth From Carlyle

Soul is kindled only by soul.

The sincere alone can recognize sincerity.

All true work of a man must and will accomplish itself.

An irreverent knowledge is no knowledge.

The selfish wish to shine over others, let it be accounted altogether poor and miserable.

Do the duty which lies nearest to thee. Thy second duty will already have become clearer.

He that will not work according to his faculty, let him perish according to his necessity; there is no law juster than that.

Subdue mutiny, discord, widespread despair, by manfulness, justice, mercy, and wisdom.

Nature's laws are eternal; her small, still voice, speaking from the inmost heart of us, shall not, under terrible penalties, be disregarded. No one man can depart from the truth without doing damage to himself.

The mistake of those who believe that force, fraud, injustice, whatsoever untrue thing, howsoever cloaked and decorated, was ever, or can ever, be the principle of man's relations to man, is great and the greatest. It is an error...fatal, lamentable, to be abandoned by all men.

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Thomas Carlyle

  • Born on December 4th, 1795 and died on February 5th, 1881
  • Scottish philosopher and writer
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