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Devotion (Poem)

O God! my soul to Thee has ever clung;
When doubting most, then most for Thee I've longed;
Forgive each doubt that e'er my heart has wrung,
Each doubt, O God, that e'er Thy love has wronged.

I seek for Thee in vain in human creeds,
In vain I try in words to clothe my prayer:
I find Thee where my heart, not doctrine, leads—
Thy Works reveal Thee to me everywhere.

Beneath the azure vault of Heaven's pure light;
And by the awful, ever-restless sea ;
And in the wondrous, silent, star-lit night,
I know that Thou art God, and worship Thee.
I've loved Thee when I have not understood,
Tho' head has doubted, heart still knew Thee—Good.

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E. M. B.

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