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The Light of Reason

The Light of Reason

The Light of Reason, started in 1902, was a journal edited by James Allen that included inspirational writings from Allen, readers and subscribers of the journal, and other authors of the time. The journal had a large following and groups all around England met regularly to read and discuss its contents. Allen often went on "tours", traveling to each group to speak and meet with the members. The Allen's home was also open to visit by the readers of the journal (for a fee).

The objects of The Light of Reason was:
To teach self-control, purity of heart, and the practice of righteousness, and to help men and women to overcome sin, to live the blameless life, and find thereby the way of perfect peace. It endeavored to show that the Law of Justice obtains to every department of life.

The Light of Reason was devoted to:
Spiritual enlightenment and the practice of righteousness and the expounding of the laws of being and the higher life.

It was advertised as "replete with inspiring articles and poems."

Those who are in search of pure and inspiring reading will find in these volumes a storehouse of miscellaneous spiritual pieces by some of the best writers of the day. All the articles have a direct bearing on practical, everyday life.

After Allen's death, his wife continue the journal under the name, "The Epoch". An ad for The Epoch in one of Mrs. Allen's books read:

"This monthly magazine is doing a world-wide work. It goes to all corners of the earth with its message of peace and goodwill. Among its many subscribers are some of the reigning Princes of India, Clergymen, and Ministers of all religious denominations, Teachers, College Professors, and also the great Working Classes. It is read and enjoyed by all.

It would be impossible to tell in these pages all that The Epoch has done in helping and blessing thousands. All through the Great War it never once missed sending its message every month, and large numbers were sent to the Front and to the Navy by request, free of charge. Epoch readers nobly helped in this great work.

The Work is absolutely a labor of love, there being no paid workers whatsoever. Mrs. James Allen (the Editor) and her daughter give all their time, thought, and their home freely for the work of The Epoch. None of the Writers are paid, for they all understand the lines upon which the work is carried on and esteem it an honor to write for its pages. Kind friends at Ilfracombe for many years have given their services freely in the office for the work's sake."


January through December issues of The Light of Reason from 1902.  This includes the very first issue.

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