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Of Righteousness

Stand up, Son of Light I and put on the garment of righteousness;
Rejoice! and enter the glad way of holiness;
Open thine eyes, and behold the glory of Truth;
For thou hast been faithful and obedient;
Thou hast been patient and enduring;
Thou hast conquered and overcome.
The Great Enemy, even self, thou hast slain;
The Great Darkness, even the darkness of ignorance, thou hast dispersed;
The Great Veil, even the veil of illusion, thou hast torn asunder.
Henceforth thou shalt walk in the way of knowledge,
Thou shalt dwell with peace,
Thou shalt bask in the light of immortality.
Rise up, Son of Truth! in my divine dignity;
Put on the shining life of righteousness;
For thou art no longer self, thou art Truth,
Thy deeds will be according to the Eternal,
And thou wilt be a beacon to mankind.

Now, O Master! I see thee as thou art;
I see thy ineffable beauty and glory.
How can darkness dwell where thou art?
How can sin and sorrow approach thee?
I am dazzled by the power of thy majesty;
Thou art Truth! Thou art the Eternal!
And he who knoweth thee, liveth in thy light;
He doeth the deeds of light and not of darkness.
Point out to me now, O Master! the righteous way;
Reveal unto me the jewels of the perfect life;
Instruct me in the doing which is according to the Eternal,
So that I may be watchful, and fail not.

Unrighteous is he whose acts are born of self;
Righteous is he whose acts are born of Truth:
The unrighteous man is swayed by his feelings;
Likes and dislikes are his masters;
Prejudices and partialities blind him;
Desiring and suffering,
Craving and sorrowing,
Self-control he knows not, and great is his unrest.
The righteous man is master of his moods;
Likes and dislikes he has abandoned as childish things;
Prejudice and partiality he has put away.
Desiring nothing, he does not suffer;
Not craving enjoyment, sorrow does not overtake him;
Perfect in self-control, great peace abides with him;
Do not condemn, resent or retaliate;
Do not argue, or become a partisan;
Maintain thy calmness with all sides;
Be just, and speak truth.
Act in gentleness, compassion, and charity;
Be infinitely patient:
Hold fast to Love, and let it shape thy doing:
Have goodwill to all, without distinction:
Think equally of all, and be disturbed by none;
Be thoughtful and wise, strong and kind-hearted.
Be watchful, that no thought of self again creep in and stain thee.
Think of thyself as abolished, dispersed:
In all thy doing think of the good of others and of the world,
And not of pleasure or reward to thyself.
Thou art no longer separate and divided from men,
Thou art one with all;
No longer strive against others for thyself,
But sympathize with all;
Regard no man as thine enemy,
Thou art the friend of all men.
Be at peace with all;
Pour out compassion on all living things;
Let boundless charity adorn thy words and deeds—
Such is the glad way of Truth.
Such is the doing which is according to the Eternal.
Filled with joy is the right-doer,
He acts from principles which do not change and pass away;
Abandoning personality, he has become a power;
He is one with the Eternal, and has passed beyond unrest.
The peace of the righteous man is perfect;
It is not disturbed by change and impermanence;
Freed from passion, it is equal-minded, calm, and does not sorrow;
He sees things as they are, and is no more confused.

Thou has clothed me, O Master! with righteousness;
The perfect life thou hast revealed to me;
Thou hast shown me the holy and the happy way.
Self is abolished, and I am thine;
My thoughts are thy thoughts,
My words are thy words,
My deeds are thy deeds;
Thou art eternal, and all my doing shall be from thee.
Allayed is the fever of life;
Dispersed is all the darkness of the mind;
Uncertainty and unrest have vanished away;
Sin and suffering are ended, and peace abides forever.

Thou hast opened thine eyes to the Eternal Light;
Thou art no more self-deceived nor self-afflicted.
Enter now, O disciple! the highway of divine knowledge,
And receive the bliss of immortality.

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James Allen

James Allen was a little-known philosophical writer and poet. He is best recognized for his book, As a Man Thinketh. Allen wrote about complex subjects such as faith, destiny, love, patience, and religion but had the unique ability of explaining these subjects clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. He often wrote about cause and effect, sowing and reaping, as well as overcoming sadness, sorrow, and grief. For more information on the life of James Allen, click here.

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