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Truth as Redeemer

Truth is our Redeemer.
Truth purifies our hearts and bestows upon us the glorious gift of divine Love.
There is no salvation in selfishness.
Self is the vessel of sin and the receptacle of sorrow;
But when we fly to Truth, self is ended, and Love abides forever.
We have tried the ways of self, and we know how hard they are.
We also look upon the weary multitudes, and compassion is stirred within us:
But now we have found the Truth the pilgrimage of self is ended,
Our feet are rested, and there is no more weariness of heart.
The nature of self is error;
It cannot, therefore, comprehend Truth.
The experience of self is suffering;
It cannot, therefore, apprehend bliss.
When the vessel of self is broken, and its contents of error and suffering are scattered,
Then is Truth revealed and realized.
Truth alone can comprehend Truth, and bliss apprehendeth bliss.
How can self know Love, seeing that its nature is its own gratification?
How can it know peace, seeing that it cannot bestow Love?
How can it enter into salvation, seeing that it dreads the loss of its perishable lusts and empty pleasures?
Self is the way of darkness and the path of pain.
The redeemed have put away self, and have accepted Truth.
Self regards error as Truth, when it is pleasing;
It regards Truth as error, when it is displeasing;
Seeking pleasure and dreading pain, it does not know good and evil.
Truth knows Truth as Truth, and error as error;
It avoids evil and chooses good, without considerations of pleasure and pain.
Divine Love is the perfect flower of Truth;
For when Truth fills the heart Love blossoms out in the life.
By this flower is Truth known,
For wheresoever impartial Love is, there is Truth.
Just deeds, pure actions, works untainted with self, minds controlled and calm,–
These are the angelic messengers of Truth;
The possessors of these are the redeemed;
Their habitation is peace.

Truth is the Savior of the world.
There is no other Savior.
There can be no compromise with Truth;
It says "Give up self."
Truth is our Redeemer only when we yield up all to it.
Self cannot be saved.
It must be abandoned.
It must be left to the darkness in which it originated and to which it belongs.
The light of Salvation is only for them that press forward, and leave all selfishness behind.
And they who turn not back enter the presence of the Redeemer,
They are clothed with His Glory.
Who can see the glory of the redeemed?
The redeemed behold it,
And them that are about to be redeemed, see it dimly:
But the eyes of the world are holden with the thought of self.
The redeemed are silent in the midst of men.
They accuse not, condemn not, revile not.
When smitten, they are not angry,
And when mocked, they make no sign.
Vet him that smote them they succor in his sorrow;
And when they that mocked them are brought low,
They lift them up and bless them.
The utterance of Truth is deeds.
The redeemed are freed from all selfishness.
They are made perfect in Truth.
The thought of self being eliminated, there is nothing remaining in them that can give rise to selfishness.
They are calm and just, doing that which is right, and passion is purged from their actions.
He who comes to the feet of Truth,
Earnest in thought, strong in will, and contrite in heart,
Will be lifted up and saved.
He will overcome all that defiles, and all that causes sorrow.
The light of Truth will light up his mind, dispelling all darkness,
And he will stand among them to whom the Cosmic Glory is unveiled.
For, to the redeemed, the narrow confines of self are burst and broken asunder,
And the mind is conscious of the Eternal.
The universe is known as it is;
Yea, its perfection and the splendor of its Law are revealed.
So large, so boundless, so all-embracing is the life of the redeemed in Truth.

Immortal Truth redeems us from mortal error.
Clinging no more to the perishable, we fly to the Imperishable,
And find the Rock of Safety.
The body grows old, it withers and decays:
Passions burn out, leaving only the ashes of regret:
Pleasures cease to satisfy and pains fill up their places;
But Truth is imperishable;
It never grows old, nor does it wither and decay;
It does not consume, and it leaves behind no sorrow and no pain.
To set the mind upon that which is perishable;
To be consumed by violent passions;
To live in unhappiness and misery, –
This it is to be unredeemed.
The redeemed having the knowledge of the Imperishable and being in possession of righteousness,
Live in happiness and joy,
For Truth is always bright and beautiful.
Yea, Truth is always peace-bestowing;
It calms the storms of strife;
To the passion-driven it brings quiet;
Upon the dark waters of anguish it pours the oil of stillness;
The mind that is troubled it restores, and envelops it with silence.
The redeemed are satisfied;
They are in security and peace;
They are not overtaken by the storms of passion,
Nor attacked and laid low by fierce desires:
They abide in the Place of Safety.
What enemy shall overcome the redeemed!
Have they not slain the supreme enemy, even self!
Have they not taken his stronghold even their own hearts!
Yea, they have purified their hearts, and the impure cannot overcome the pure.
Out of the black night!
Out of the fierce war;
Out of the confusion and the conflict have the redeemed come;
And now they dwell in the Light;
They abide with peace, and darkness and strife are no more.

The unredeemed are in the confines of self;
They are surrounded with darkness;
They seek for self only.
The redeemed are in the glory of the universal, the impersonal;
They are surrounded with light;
They seek the good of all.
Truth is the breaker of bonds;
It liberates the slave;
It sets the captive free.
Who chooses bondage rather than liberty?
Who prefers darkness to light?
He who has not known liberty loves his chains;
And he who has not seen the light prefers to remain in darkness.
And when liberty is made known it is desired.
When light is perceived, there is no longer a dwelling-place in darkness.
The desires of the flesh are a tormenting fever;
The hatreds, conflicts, and covetings of the mind are a consuming fire:
But there is a healing for the fever, and water for the quenching of the fire.
Truth is the healer of the mind;
It is a sweet medicine to the afflicted,
And a draught of cool water to them that are troubled with thirst.
There is no unrest in Truth.
The unredeemed are in the way of sorrow;
Pain and weariness are their companions.
Reaching after pleasures, they grasp sorrows;
Striving eagerly for self, happiness departs from them.
But the redeemed are in the Way of Gladness;
Strength and joy are their companions;
And not departing from Good they dwell in the House of Happiness.
From what, then, are we redeemed?
From what are we saved, and where is our salvation?
We are redeemed from self and passion,
From sin and sorrow,
From unholiness and unrest,
Even from these are we taken away,
We are saved from lust and hatred,
From pride and vanity,
From covetousness and envy,
Even from these are we drawn away.
We are saved by the Truth;
By the practice of Truth,
By the knowledge of Truth,
And by the power of Truth.
Our salvation is from the Truth.
In Truth we rest.
Truth is the Redeemer of the world.

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James Allen was a little-known philosophical writer and poet. He is best recognized for his book, As a Man Thinketh. Allen wrote about complex subjects such as faith, destiny, love, patience, and religion but had the unique ability of explaining these subjects clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. He often wrote about cause and effect, sowing and reaping, as well as overcoming sadness, sorrow, and grief. For more information on the life of James Allen, click here.

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