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Truth as Reconciler

Truth is the Reconciler of Extremes.
It neutralizes all opposites.
It harmonizes all discords and contradictions.
It brings back to us harmony and peace.
When we were in error we saw all things as erroneous.
Yea, when we were blind to our own error we saw error in all else;
We saw good as evil, and evil as good;
Light as darkness, and darkness as light;
But now we have plucked out the eye of error from ourselves, we see the Supreme Good.
Truth reconciles man to man;
It reconciles man to the universe;
It bestows upon him the knowledge of the Good Law;
It reveals the hidden justice in all events.
In error is unrest, and anger, and perturbation.
Trouble and turmoil is ever with him, who sees injustice, confusion, and contradiction;
But he who sees Justice, Order, and Harmony is calm and filled with peace.
Error sees error; and Truth sees Truth.
Error, being darkness, cannot penetrate the light;
But Truth, being light, can penetrate the darkness.
Truth reconciles darkness with light.
Error is the Great Unrest;
Truth is the Great Peace.
He who looks with the eye of error is restless as the shifting winds.
But restful as the stable mountain is he who looks with the eye of Truth.
We are reconciled to the world;
We are reconciled to humanity;
And being thus reconciled we are at rest.
Where unrest is, there is no reconciliation;
And they who are not so reconciled have not received the Truth.

All things are proportionate;
All circumstances are just;
All events are of causation.
He who has received the Light of Truth sees all things in their right relations.
All things are ruled by causation;
All things are of the nature of causation;
There is nothing which is not contained in cause and effect.
Cause and effect are one:
The Divine Law is one
Out of chaos into Cosmos have we come;
Out of confusion into harmony;
Out of bewilderment into peace perpetual.
There is good in all things.
Out of evil comes suffering;
Out of suffering comes sorrow;
And from sorrow is lowly wisdom born.
Though the night be long, the Morning comes;
And with it comes sunshine and singing.
Though the world be in its long night, the Great Day will dawn.
Lo! we behold the splendor of its Light!
There are no more any enemies;
All are our own, our beloved;
Both them that bless and them that curse all are friendly to us.
The inward enemy being overcome, all outward foes have vanished away.
There is no more enmity.
Men and things are in their right places.
There is no more strife;
No more fighting;
No more warfare.
We behold the fray, but do not engage in it;
We hear the tumult, and we make no sound.
But though quiescent, we watch;
Though silent, we are not indifferent.
Perceiving the Divine Order, we are reconciled to all things;
And being so reconciled, we are in perfect peace.

Wherefore should we mourn and be sorrowful?
The very ground of lamentation is dissolved;
The foundation of sorrow is cut away;
And as for sin and evil–they were, but are not.
The sphere of controversy is broken:
About what should we contend?
The world of division is annulled:
What have we to defend?
Can Truth fail, that we should argue, that we should be anxious and concerned?
Because Truth endures forever, our peace can never fail.
The seed fails in its appointed place;
The flower appears, and also the fruit in its season;
Day warms, and night cools; Light is shed, and rain falls;
Snow covers, and frost binds.–
Are these things opposed?
Are they enemies?
They work together as one.
Who, then, shall stir us up to wrath?
Who shall draw us into the lists of contention?
With them that agree with us we are at peace?
And with that oppose us we are also at peace.
Friends are not near, nor enemies far;
Praise and blame are not asunder.
Truth draws all things together;
It resolves all opposites into one.
Yea, forces that seemed divided are now united;
Things that seemed to contend are now in agreement;
And events that seemed adverse are now friendly.
How foolish we were in our fear!
How blind in our bigotry!
How hateful in our heart!
We were as the beasts that rage and kill,
Or as the blind beetle that dashes on to its death!
All things are in unison;
And fear, and blindness, and hatred are no more.
Having departed from the lesser, the Greater is revealed:
Having renounced the part, the Whole is received:
Having abandoned the imperfect, what remains but the Perfect!

Truly all things are reconciled, and peace awaits.
The Door of Truth is open.
None hinders, but man holds back.
He holds back for a time, and in the hour of ripeness he comes forward.
Whosoever will come, let him come! Let him enter and be glad.
All things are now.
All Light, all Law, all Truth is now.
Time and Eternity are one;
Matter and Spirit are one;
Death and Life are one;
The blind see not,
But they that have eyes know the things which they see.
We strive not;
We stand apart and are silent.
Men hurry to and fro a little while;
A little time they come, and a little time they go:
How eager they are I How anxious!
How fierce!
Better than all worldly gain is the spirit of peace.
Better than rule and riches is the Reconciliation of Truth.
Fires burn out, and storms subside;
But serenity remains.
Calmness preserves and restores, and Tranquility is a great possession.
Who condemns our aloofness?
Him our peace enfolds;
Even him our reconciliation embraces.
Apart, we are not separate:
Aloof, we are not estranged:
Engaging with none, and joining with none, Yet we belong to all.
For the Perfect Reconciliation is not partial, but just.
He who sees all sides, sees the Whole;
And seeing the Whole, he is satisfied;
Being satisfied, he is peace with all. Seers of the great Glory;
Hearers of the Heavenly Harmony;
Knowers of the Perfect Law–
Great is your gladness!
Wondrous is your wisdom!
Deep is your peace!
More powerful is one day of your silence than a thousand years of noise.
All parties, all sides, all religions are reconciled.
Love supports all, sustains all, and nourishes all.
The Great Reconciler is come;
He is here, and we have found Him.
We sought Him, and He turned not away;
And because of this, we have received the world;
And peace does not depart from us.

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James Allen

James Allen was a little-known philosophical writer and poet. He is best recognized for his book, As a Man Thinketh. Allen wrote about complex subjects such as faith, destiny, love, patience, and religion but had the unique ability of explaining these subjects clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. He often wrote about cause and effect, sowing and reaping, as well as overcoming sadness, sorrow, and grief. For more information on the life of James Allen, click here.

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