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Truth as Protector

Good deeds are Truth.
Our good deeds remain with us, they save and protect us.
Evil deeds are error.
Our evil deeds follow us, they overthrow us in the hour of temptation.
The evil-doer is not protected from sorrow;
But the good-doer is shielded from all harm.
The fool says unto his evil deed–
"Remain thou hidden, be thou unexposed,"
But his evil is already published, and his sorrow is sure.
If we are in evil, what shall protect us?
What keep us from misery and confusion?
Nor man nor woman, nor wealth nor power, nor heaven nor earth shall keep us from confusion.
From the results of evil there is no escape;
No refuge and no protection.
If we are in Good, what shall overthrow us?
What bring us to misery and confusion?
Nor man nor woman, nor poverty nor sickness, nor heaven nor earth shall bring us to confusion.
The effects of Good appear, though the cause be forgotten,
And its refuge and protection is at hand.
What can amulets and charms avail?
What can the muttering of set prayers avail?
What can the observance of formal rites avail?
They cannot avail, they are empty;
They are without efficacy, and are void of protection.
Righteousness avails.
The doing of good deeds avails.
A pure heart and a blameless life avail.
They are filled with joy and peace.
Truth is a happy retreat and an eternal protection.
In Truth there is no more doubt and uncertainty.
There is safety and security:
There is a straight way and a quiet rest.

The righteous know the protection of Truth.
Their minds are free, and they are happy-hearted.
Empty excuses and vain quibbles they harbor not.
They scheme not how to protect themselves;
Their deeds are invincible defenders;
Their lives bear witness, and they are not ashamed.
The unrighteous are overtaken with shame and confusion.
They try to hide, but cannot;
They have no place of concealment:
Their deeds accuse them, and they have no protection.
How happy are the righteous!
They are relieved from all anxiety.
Walking with Truth, they walk in perfect freedom.
How fearless are the righteous!
They have no dark forebodings;
They dread no evil;
When evil threatens they are calm and unafraid.
Truth shields from the afflictions of the mind.
It fortifies against misery;
It destroys self-delusion and sorrow.
The Light of Truth reveals error and the cause of error;
It also reveals the effects of error;
It frees the mind from all subjection to evil.
He that is established in Truth is established in safety.
Truth cannot proceed from error, nor error from Truth.
Good cannot be the effect of evil, nor evil the effect of Good.
This is little understood.
But the righteous understand, and, understanding, they are glad;
They rejoice in the Law of Truth.
The understanding mind is not misled by appearances:
It rejoices in Good against all appearances.
When events press, it does not think, "The Good has failed ";
When outward things fail, it does not say, "Righteousness has not supported me ";
When persecution comes, it cannot say, "Lo! Truth affords me no protection!"
Truth is in the thought, and not in the thing;
It resides in the hearts, and not in the outward habit;
It destroys the inward enemies, and the outward reverses have no more power;
Their sting is gone, their evil is dispersed.
The peace of the perfect ones can never be destroyed.

The pure in heart are protected from within.
The perfect indeed are guarded by Good:
They are upheld by the Good Law.
By the knowledge of Truth they are lifted up:
They stand and do not fall.
Truth cannot be overtaken by error;
It cannot be overturned by man.
Error passes away but the Truth remains.
Men fall, but the Truth remains.
Truth cannot change;
It is eternal and indestructible.
Herein is the salvation of the wise;
Herein is the protection of the pure;
Herein is the joy of the perfect–
That, being one with Truth, they have come to peace eternal.
He who is one with Truth, reflects Truth.
He is steadfast, fearless, and serene.
He changes not, but is always true.
When tried, he does not falter;
When assailed, he does not fall.
Permanent in purity and peace, he is established in gentleness and strength.
Who mourns for sin?
Who gropes for deliverance?
Who searches for the permanent?
Let him make himself pure:
Let him come to Truth;
Let him find peace in the practice of Good.
Things are impermanent;
They have no abiding protection.
Truth is permanent;
Its protection abides through all changes.
Ill deeds are exposed in torment and confusion;
Good deeds are established in bliss and wisdom.
Truth is a Friend that does not disappoint;
A Protector that never fails.
The world fails;
It fades and passes like a dream Truth stands;
It becomes more distinct and real.
They who have found Truth are satisfied.
Protected by Truth, they have found a
Protector indeed.
The patient are protected from impatience.
The pure are protected from impurity.
The humble are protected from pride.
The loving are protected from hatred.
Greed flees from the presence of the open-handed;
Into the habitations of the peaceful strife cannot come;
And folly walks not where tread the footsteps of the wise.
Truth is its own security;
It protects without premeditation.
It dispenses with disguises, and shields by its own inherent reality.
Its light disposes of all darkness;
It exposes the false and reveals the true.
Error falls before Truth;
Its shield is shattered, its sword broken;
Yea, it is laid low, and cannot rise.
It is helpless and has nor champion nor defender.
Truth does not fall before error.
The powerless cannot overcome the powerful.
The lesser cannot subdue the greater.
The slave does not command the master.
All things are subject to Truth.
Truth is a shield to the righteous;
A shelter to the pure;
A light upon the pathway of the just.
Truth is supreme;
Truth is invincible;
Truth is triumphant forever and ever.

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James Allen

James Allen was a little-known philosophical writer and poet. He is best recognized for his book, As a Man Thinketh. Allen wrote about complex subjects such as faith, destiny, love, patience, and religion but had the unique ability of explaining these subjects clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. He often wrote about cause and effect, sowing and reaping, as well as overcoming sadness, sorrow, and grief. For more information on the life of James Allen, click here.

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