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Instruction, Concerning the Master

To the obedient and the ready;
To all who are willing to understand;
To those wandering in the darkness, and: unable to perceive the Light:—
Come now, and listen;
Come now, and be made glad;
Enter now into the revelation of Purity.—
The Master is not perceived by the senses,
Not comprehended by the reason,
Not realized by argument.
Not on the hills, nor in the valleys;
Not in the earth, nor sky, not in any outward thing is the Master to be found.
Creeds and schools and books cannot contain Him,
He dwelleth within.
Cease from thine outward search, O weary one!
Cease from thy wanderings, O child of night!
In thine own heart dwelleth the Master;
He is not hidden from thee but by thyself.
The Master is the inward Voice,
The inward Light,
The inward Peace.
Behold I show you the dwelling-place of the Master,—
It is a purified heart,
He who hath broken the bonds of self,
Who hath slain desire,
Whose mind is quiet, conquered, and subdued,
Whose heart is calm and mild and full of peace,
He hath entered the presence of the Master,
Unto him the glory of the Master is revealed.
O thou who criest and receivest no answer!
O thou who wanderest and findest no rest!
O thou who searchest and findest no Light!
Bring hither thy fainting heart,
Bring hither thy blindness,
Come and listen to the instruction that is holy,
And, having listened, find satisfaction and rest.—
There are truths many, and there is one Truth,
Even the pure mind, the supremely Perfect Life:
There are saviors many, and there is one Savior,
Even the supreme enlightenment of Wisdom:—
There are teachers many and there is one Teacher,
Even the glorious revelation of Righteousness:
There are masters many, and there is one Master,
Even the Spirit of Truth;
And Truth, Savior, Teacher and Master are one.
Plain and unmistakable is the way which leadeth to the Master,—
Overcome thyself, this is the Way.
Purify thy heart, and thou shalt gaze upon the face of the Master.
Cling to self, and thou shalt not find Him;
Abandon self arid lo! the Master abideth with thee.
The impure have no eyes to see the pure,
The darkness cannot penetrate the Light,
And immortality is hidden from that which is perishable.
Therefore, leave that to which thou clingest.
Yield up thy desires,
And the satisfaction of the Master shall fill thee.
Yield up thy opinions,
And the Light of the Master shall illumine thee;
Go not after the evanescent and the perishable,
And thou shalt enter into the possession of the Eternal and imperishable;
Thou shalt become one with the Master,
And shalt dwell with Him in Immortality,
The Master waiteth,
Yea, eternally waiteth,
Patience is His name;
He departeth not from compassion,
And where Righteousness abides, there dwelleth He.
Hidden is He in Love;
Come unto Love, and thou shalt find Him.
The Light of Wisdom envelopeth Him;
Purify thine understanding, and thou shalt know Him.
The glory of Truth covereth Him up;
Relinquish self, and thou shalt see His Form.
Why perceivest thou not the Truth?
Why hearest thou not the Voice of the Master?
Thou perceivest not the Truth because of thine own errors;
Thou hearest not the Master’s Voice because the voices of self clamor loudly within thee.
As clouds hide the face of the sun,
So the clouds of error hide the face of the Master;
Yea, the thick clouds of sin they shut Him but from men.
Who, then, shall see the Master?
Who shall comprehend Him?
Who shall dwell with Him?
Who shall hear His Voice?
Even he who is of a pure heart;
Who is gentle, compassionate, and infinitely patient;
Who returneth meekness for anger,
Love for hatred,
Forgiveness for abuse,
And silence for condemnation.
Clothe thyself, therefore, in the Garment of Humility;
Acknowledge thine errors,
Even thine inmost sins,
Thus confessing thyself,
thou shalt find the Way of Love,
And finding Love thou shalt find the Master;
And finding the Master thou shalt be at rest.
Deny thyself;
Subdue thyself;
Conquer thyself.
Let not goodwill depart from thee;
Be at peace with all, yea, even with the beasts,
So shall the highest Truth take up its abode within thee;
Unto thee the heart of the Master shall be revealed;
Sorrow and suffering and fear and doubt shall flee far from thee,
And the knowledge of immortality shall fill thy heart with peace.
Thus is the heart of the Master made known,
Thus is He revealed unto them that are ready to receive Him.

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James Allen

James Allen was a little-known philosophical writer and poet. He is best recognized for his book, As a Man Thinketh. Allen wrote about complex subjects such as faith, destiny, love, patience, and religion but had the unique ability of explaining these subjects clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. He often wrote about cause and effect, sowing and reaping, as well as overcoming sadness, sorrow, and grief. For more information on the life of James Allen, click here.

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