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Truth as Consoler

The knowledge of Truth is an abiding consolation.
When all else fails, the Truth does not fail.
When a heart is desolate, and the world affords no shelter,
Truth provides a peaceful refuge and a quiet rest.
The cares of life are many, and its path is beset with difficulties;
But Truth is greater than care, and is superior to all difficulties.
Truth lightens our burdens; It lights up our pathway with the radiance
of joy. Loved ones pass away, friends fail, and possessions disappear.
Where then is the voice of comfort?
Where is the whisper of consolation?
Truth is the Comforter of the comfortless,
and the Consoler of them that are deserted.
Truth does not pass away, nor fail, nor disappear.
Truth bestows the consolation of abiding peace.
Troubles come to all.
Even the wise cannot escape them.
But the wise have a sure and safe refuge in the Eternal Good.
They have a Comforter, even Truth,
Who removes the sting from affliction, and disperses the clouds of trouble.
Night descends upon the pure as upon the impure;
But it holds no terrors for the pure,
For the Light of Truth shines in the darkness with assuring radiance.
Sweet is the sleep of the innocent.
And they that rest upon the bosom of Truth repose in peace.
Day lights up the way both of the wise and the foolish;
But the foolish are enveloped with the darkness of error,
They stumble and are bruised, and have no comforter.
But the wise walk in the Light of Truth;
And should they stumble they are lifted up;
Lo! they are healed and comforted.
They that have the knowledge of Truth have the satisfaction of peace.
They are not immune from the vicissitudes of life;
They are not released from the cares and responsibilities of worldly duties;
They are not unassailed by external foes;
But they are restful at heart;
Their minds abide in the Great Calm.

The worldly-minded have no comforter;
But if they forsake the world, and fly to Truth,
They will receive the sweet gift of Consolation
The world is the place of pleasure and pain;
The Truth is the abode of joy and peace.
They that relinquish the excitements and dissatisfactions of the world for the sake of Truth,
Will find an unfailing Companion and Friend, even the Eternal.
Distress is in the world.
Yea, grief and sorrow abound.
But the Truth is calm;
It allays grief, and soothes away all sorrow.
Hear ye the lamentations of the world!
Wilder are they than the tempest;
Deeper than the ocean’s roar.
Truth alone can still the tempests of passion and the storms of grief.
Come ye up into the Calm.
Resort ye to the Great Silence.
Men are swept along by the force of turbulent passions;
But when, sorrow arrests them they cry out in anguish.
Love of worldly pleasure has brought them low, and the world can offer them no comfort.
The world distresses, but the Truth consoles.
They whom the world has destroyed and deserted,
Who are cast down by pain and sorrow,
Even they are befriended by the Truth when they turn to Truth.
None are despised by Truth;
None are turned away;
None are left comfortless.
Ye that are weary with pleasure-seeking;
Ye that are pain-stricken;
Ye that are lonely and desolate–
Come ye to the Truth.
The Truth is above pleasure and pain.
Be ye lifted up;
Be ye rested;
Be ye healed;
Be ye befriended and comforted.

He who clings to his delusions, loving self and sin,
He cannot find the Truth,
Cannot receive the consolation of Truth.
All that demeans and defiles must be abandoned.
Truth is not found if the love of self is not renounced.
They who lie or deceive;
Who hate or envy;
Who lust or covet;
Who think only of their own pleasure;
Whose aims are for self and the glory of self in all that they do,–
From such Truth is hidden by a veil of darkness,
Even they thick veil of error;
From such the consolation of Truth is withheld because they seek for self only, and not for Truth.
They who are truthful and sincere;
Who love men and rejoice in their success;
Who are pure and generous;
Who seek the good of others in all that they do,–
To them Truth is revealed;
Such stand face to face with Good, and receive the consolation of Truth.
The foolish seek satisfaction in sensual pleasures;
The vain are pleased with the flatteries of the world;
The one leads to misery and emptiness;
The other to disappointment and humiliation.
The wise abide in the joy of Truth;
And there are no pitfalls for the humble,
Their feet are steadfast in the way of peace.
We have cancelled our compact with the world.
Its pleasures are put away, abandoned, renounced.
We perform the necessary uses of the world, but we no longer rest upon its forms,
No more seek satisfaction in its thirsty desires.
Our hearts are set upon the good of all.
Thus have we found the abiding sweetness of religion.
We have found a quiet trust and a patient happiness.
We have resorted to the Faithful One, the ever-present Comforter,
Even the Spirit of Holiness.
We have taken shelter in His high Abode.
And no temptation shall draw us back into the tempestuous ways of the world,
For our refuge is a refuge indeed.

The way of self is the way of sorrow;
But Truth refreshes the weary, and lifts up the oppressed.
There is gladness for the grief-stricken,
And healing for them that are afflicted with the sorrows of the world.
There is a place of freedom where the chains of sin are broken,
Where weeping is not, and lamentation is no more heard.
There is a Friend for the friendless,
And consolation for them that have no comforter
Come, see, and receive.
Truth meets all needs, and is ready to receive all who come.
The righteous rest there;
They have received the fullness of joy.
Let also the unrighteous come;
Yea, let them that are weary of sin, come;
And they that are burdened and oppressed with the sorrows of self,
Let them enter and be glad.
There is a Home for the homeless, and a Country for the exiled;
For the wanderer there is a happy Way, and the lost have a City of Refuge.
Whosoever will turn, let him turn and come.
Truth brings joy out of sorrow, and peace out of perturbation;
It points the selfish to the Way of Good, and sinners to the Path of Holiness.
Its spirit is the doing of righteousness.
To the earnest and faithful it brings consolation;
Upon the obedient and skilful it bestows the crown of peace.
I take refuge in Truth:
Yea, in the spirit of Good, in the knowledge of Good, and in the doing of Good I abide,
And I am reassured and comforted.
It is to me as though malice were not, and hatred had vanished away.
Lust is confined to the nethermost darkness,
It hath no way in Truth’s transcendent Light.
Pride is broken up and dissolved.
And vanity is melted away as a mist.
I have set my face towards the Perfect Good, and my feet in the Blameless Way;
And because of this I am consoled.
I am strengthened and comforted, having found refuge in Truth.

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