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These Lectures are published at the particular request of the members of the Society for Esoteric Culture, before which body they were delivered during the spring of 1887; an earnest desire having been unanimously expressed to possess the same in permanent form.
They will be found highly suggestive and valuable to thinking people, on account of the original views presented, and the novel and forcible analysis and treatment of the great subject of Creation.
They contain so many central thoughts that are new to the general public, that, in treating the several Principles, some repetition has been found necessary in the different lectures, on account of the mutual dependence and interrelation of the Seven; but not more than was deemed essential to fully impress and enforce the central facts and workings of Nature.
They are not submitted as labored and polished essays, but rather as gushing springs from the great fountain of natural Truth, to refresh the soul, strengthen the mind, and open the eyes of the spiritually inclined to possibilities of attainments not now thought of.

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