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The scattered fragments of Truth are being gathered up and fitted, each in its place, "without sound of hammer," into one great temple.

Molecules are only smaller worlds, and worlds but molecules in relativity.

The twentieth century will usher in a rapidly increasing spiritual consciousness.

We must join hands to walk safely over pit-falls.

Life cannot die. Forms perish; but the great universal stream of vitality surges on, unspent and undiminished.

There are modern, as well as ancient prophets.

The loftiest biblical phraseology must receive soul-assimilation before it can be more than ancient history.

Heaven and hell are very real but they are states of mind.

Move forward as rapidly as you will, and your ideal is always in advance.

As well thrust an active vigorous animal into a cast-iron mold, as once for all to exactly define truth in external formula. In either case, life is extinguished.

Lovers do not love each other, but their own ideals of each other.

The supernatural is only the higher zone of the natural.

The beauty of the landscape dwells in the holder. The man by his side may not beholder recognize it.

The spiritual is as natural as the material, and equally subject to orderly law.

The external world is a great mirror reflecting to each one his own subjective quality on an enlarged scale.

The grand cycle of life starts with an involution of primal energy from God, and returns to the "Father's House" after the educational unfoldment of divinity in the self-consciousness.

Sincerity is a gem of the first water.

Only that is normal which fits the constitution of man.

Evolution, in its essence, is the name of an invisible onward flow of life and mind rather than of a succession of seen forms.

True religion is not a belief but a growing living force.

To most men, only those places which have been consecrated by human ceremony are sacred, but God is everywhere.

Pessimism not only sees the worst side but galvanizes it into form and existence.

The human body is really a temple. Let us beware of its desecration or defilement.

God is in actual contact with every soul but how few feel it.

When man practically recognizes God as Love the at-one-ment takes place. Love begets love.

The present misfit of existing creeds to real conditions should be corrected. The Church cannot afford to dissemble.

Altruism is a privilege rather than a duty.

Retribution is an inward condition of our own fashioning.

The scientific way to conquer an enemy is to transmute him into a friend.

In the end moral ideals are more compelling than arms and coercion.

To mentally bathe in delineations of crime and abnormity is to take on—even though unconsciously—a little of their slime and sediment.

Our real enemies are within rather than without.

The time is at hand when the base realism of fiction will no longer be rated as artistic.

The brightened glow of Immanuel in the human soul shines through the external man.

What we give we receive back with interest.

What are often called causes are only the nearby links of a chain which stretches backward indefinitely.

Children are little sensitive mirrors of surrounding thoughts and conditions.

New recognitions of truth, even though of the highest quality, find "no room in the inn."

The limitation of conventions and the bondage of the seen hold the world in thralldom.

One life permeates all things, and there is no corner of the cosmos too remote to feel its heart-throb.

Diversity of interest is only a seeming.

Subjective conditions are the lens through which the world is seen, and they give it their own color, tone and quality.

Eden represents only a sensuous paradise.

God reigns in and through law and is never self-contradictory.

Thoughts, being forces, every mind is a creative center from which waves of qualitative energy are going out in all directions.

The Bible, to each one fills his own idea of it. Of the numerous sects each finds in the Book just what it looks for.

You never saw your friend nor has he ever beheld you. Only fleshly mantles and wrappings are visible.

If one thinks that things are against him they soon range themselves in that fashion.

Mental pabulum should be as carefully selected as the menu for dinner. Who would eat decayed vegetables or tainted meat?

Man has a bodily form, but he is not it. Mistaken identity is a serious matter.

Violations of law, whether spiritual, mental or physical, are debts drawing compound interest.

If the Church is to retain and feed its following, it must proclaim both a spiritual gospel and a spiritual hygiene.

Nature, to the materialist, is but a cold, loveless, remorseless machine.

To each one, his own highest divine ideal of God, is God to him. He is incapable of paying homage to anything beyond.

The imaging faculty is a real creative force for each individual.

We speak of the forces of Nature, but they are rather One Force, though it is of diverse manifestation.

Divine revelations, no longer confined to one narrow channel, are being sought for and found in all directions.

True education consists in training the thought to train itself.

Ideal man would be the true expression of God.

The whole world is seeking God, but the quest is mostly unconscious.

Many things must wait for the vindication which time alone can furnish.

The Mount of Transfiguration is in the silence, and desire and aspiration are the attendant ushers for those who would make the ascent.

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