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Practical Mind Art

By Henry Wood

Author of "Ideal Suggestion", "God's Image In Man", "Edward Burton", "The Political Economy of Humanism", Etc.

Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force; that thoughts rule the world.

The steady and increasing demand for this collection of essays indicates an inherent vitality in them and a growing appreciation of their standard quality in the special field which they occupy. The author, therefore, has felt prompted to reexamine them carefully and make such revision as he deemed warranted up to this date.

The study of the laws of thought, their practical application and unappreciated utility, is a subject of vital importance, even though to a casual observer it may seem speculative and abstract. Its truth and profit will be positively demonstrated to everyone who gives this pursuit his careful attention.

While these studies are devoted to the various phenomena of mind, including its relation with and expression through the physical organism, they are with one or two exceptions essentially unitary, and therefore the order in which they are placed is not significant.

The potency of concentrated ideals is increasingly understood and made available. The priceless value of impersonal Truth and the saving power of optimism are receiving careful and merited attention.

It may be observed that some basic principles are reiterated in various settings, and perhaps similar language used in different connection. This is due to close interrelation and the fact that vital truth needs repeated and positive delineation in order that it may become mentally graphic. It is also true that a few of the essays originally appeared in various magazines and were included in this work without material change.

Cambridge, 1903.

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Henry Wood

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