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Specific Practical Directions

First—Retire each day to a quiet apartment, and be alone in the silence.

Second—Assume the most restful position practicable; breathe deeply and rather rapidly for a few moments, and thoroughly relax the physical body, for suggestive correspondence thus renders it easier for the mind to be passive and receptive.

Third—Bar the door of thought against the external world, and also shut out all physical sensation and imperfection so far as possible.

Fourth—Rivet the mind upon the suggestive lesson. After repeated reading and the absorption of its truth, fasten the attention upon the final ideal which is shown in larger type. Do not merely think about it, but try to feet it with every nerve center in the body. Give yourself to it until it fills and overflows the whole consciousness.

Fifth—Alternate, at intervals of a few minutes, periods of intense concentration with those of utter relaxation. It takes the positive and negative to make the unit. The whole exercise may be continued anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, as circumstances render practicable and experience guides.

Sixth—Call your most needed ideal into consciousness during every wakeful hour at night. If the mind wanders, gently but persistently call it back. The power of control will grow steadily. For a night thought, feel that the divine and the human are in positive contact. You are in God (Omnipresent Love) and cannot get away even if you should try.

Seventh—lf disordered conditions are chronic and tenacious there need be no discouragement if progress is not rapid, or if "ups and downs" occur. Absorb the ideals repeatedly until they live in and with you. They will increasingly become a spontaneous and well-defined feeling. The cure is not magical, but a natural growth. Ideals tend toward expression and actualization.

Eighth—For use in assemblies, groups, or families, the exercises should be read slowly, in concert, followed by concentration, in the silence, upon the ideal which forms the climax. The exhibition of the respective emphasized suggestions, in large text, upon the walls of the room in sight of all will greatly aid in concentration. If made in gold or bright material especially, they may afterward be reproduced in consciousness and stand out to the mind's eye, notably at night, in letters of fire. They photograph an idea upon the mind.

If you wish to get rid of disorderly and depressing thoughts, the way has been plainly indicated by which they may be displaced. You gradually create a new world for yourself.

The process is scientific, but so simple that, conventionally, we have looked right through and beyond it.

Be assured that if you enter the mental and spiritual gymnasium, and earnestly develop your inner powers for six months in the way suggested, you will value the acquirement beyond possible estimate.

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