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Mental and Spiritual Gymnastic Exercises

Self-Development Through Auto Suggestion

A Few Formulated Lessons for Private Use, or for Reading in Concert by Classes, Assemblies, or Families as a Means of Spiritual, Moral, and Physical Restoration and Growth.

As introductory to the appended suggestive exercises, we may observe that while the effort has been made to present the principles of the New Thought in a lucid and simple way, experience has demonstrated the value of still more concrete lessons for meditation and concentration. There is a power to bring home Truth and to lift the consciousness, when ideals are presented directly in the first person singular which can be gained in no other way. Spiritual vibrations in the mind are thus rendered sharp and distinct.

An intellectual fact may be simply known by a single statement; but higher principles, to become graphic and ruling, need iteration and reiteration, and hence the logic of the process. The average mind is so filled with conglomerate and disorderly material that its displacement by higher thought can be accomplished only by systematic and persistent effort.

The lessons and method are therefore invaluable if one wishes to get into the New Thought. The beauty of a picture gallery cannot be understood by gazing at the outside of the building, and likewise the brightest mind cannot discern or interpret the inner transformation from an external view. The critic from without can do no more than criticize at random. Only a cultivated consciousness and a new standpoint can give him qualification.

In one of our former books ("Ideal Suggestion") restorative exercises were presented for meditation and concentration, and as an auxiliary aid the suggestions were given in large type, thereby assisting the mind, through the eye, in the focalizing of Truth. So far as the author is aware, that was the original presentation (1893) of such a method. Thousands of spontaneous testimonies from all parts of the world attest its scientific restorative efficacy. The author therefore has felt that to assure the completeness of this work, and to render it fully effective, a few simple lessons should be added in an appendix. They are only suggestive, and give hints of what one, if he choose, may improvise for himself.

It is admitted that the method of the lessons may be "unto Jews a stumbling block and unto Gentiles foolishness; but unto them that are called" (discerners of the principle), they will bring help and inspiration in proportion as they are faithfully assimilated. They will be useful, not merely for invalids and semi-invalids, but for all who wish to unfold a healthful and harmonious inner consciousness. Prevention is far better than cure. "The kingdom of heaven is within you." The purpose is not to pour in new facts of an occult order, but to unfold and induce the spiritual self-hood.1


  1. In answer to frequent questions, the author would state that he is not a professional healer, and that the pressure upon his time renders it impracticable for him to teach in any systematic manner, outside of his writings.

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