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There Is No Death

"There is no death! What seems so is transition." Man lays aside the curtain which, in his servitude to the senses, he has hung between God and himself, and calls the process death. Paul declares, "I die daily." This is to grow spiritually. It is an elimination of the base, the earthy, the sensual. We fear so-called death because our sense of life is material. But Life is spiritual. Material forms disintegrate, but life never dies. All real life is eternal life. Physical sensation is only a temporary manifestation of life—a passing phase. So-called death is no stay to development. The only death is the cessation of the false sense of life. The ideal is to spiritualize our bodies so that transition will be as gentle as stepping into an adjoining room. Enoch walked with God and was translated. Let us hope that the New Dispensation, now opening, will make it possible, in the not distant future, to displace conventional death by a gentle spiritualization or transition. The dominion of death consists in the fear of it. This is the "last enemy" that shall be destroyed. "If a man keep my word he shall never see death."

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Henry Wood

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