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Spirit Is the Only Substance

God is Spirit (not a spirit, as incorrectly translated). If God be Spirit His offspring must be spirit also. True, forms and organisms are built by its subtle and orderly energy, but they are only shadows cast by the unseen substance. Dust is seized upon by its living potency and molded and fashioned to express its quality and plane. It is only our dull materialism that confers substantiality upon the seen. Spirit is solid and indestructible. I am spirit. Matter serves me as a temporary correspondence and servant. I am not body, but spirit, Now. Space, time, and locality are only provisional, sensuous limitations. To build of enduring material we must build in spirit. The spiritual realm is here as much as hereafter. It is the rich divine exuberance in which we live, move, and receive vitality. A spiritual glow within sends its warm invigorating energy outwards. I hereby link myself to the unchangeable. I am compassed with good, and living in an eternal fountain of strength. All potency is in spirit. My trust is in the unseen, which is the Real. Through it I am filled with Life.

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Henry Wood

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