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A Restorative System For Home and Private Use

Preceded By a Study of The Laws of Mental Healing

By Henry Word

Author of "The Symphony of Life", "God's Image In Man", "Studies In The Thought World", "Victor Serenus", "Edward Burton", "The Political Economy Of Humanism", etc.

The Universe Is Change;
Our Life Is What Our Thoughts Make It.
—Marcus Aurelius

Fraternally dedicated to all seekers for TRUTH with whom it stands above Sect, System, or Conventionality.

Part I
The Laws of Mental Healing

Suggestion of some kind is the great mental motor. It may enter the human mind either in thought-waves projected by another mind, or through the avenue of an outer sense. Hypnotic suggestion stirs the mind on the sensuous plane by the dominant imposition of the force of another personality. Ideal Suggestion is the photographing of pure and perfect ideals directly upon the mind through the medium of the sense of sight. It is voluntary, and free from any admixture of personality or imperfection. By the cultivated vigor of thought-concentration it develops wonderful power and utility.

The principles presented are unconventional and often misapprehended, but the dawn of their general recognition is at hand. If the author can add even a small contribution to the influences which will hasten their acceptance, he will find abundant recompense for this attempt at their popular interpretation. While they involve laws and forces which extend above and beyond the domain of the pure intellect, they are orderly and have scientific adaptability. The molding influence of the spiritual and internal man upon his external counterpart will soon receive merited appreciation. Causative forces lie hidden below the surface, and if common observation fails to cognize them it is due to the color-blindness of materialism.

If the principles set forth embody living realities they should be sought for their own sake; if otherwise, they will soon come to naught. Knowledge of Truth is the highest human attainment.

That part of this work which is devoted to Ideal Suggestion is naturally preceded by an outline of the general laws of mental healing. The attempt is made to present them in a simple manner, free from technicality and occult terminology. The author, though having had some unusual opportunities for gaining an understanding of this subject, is not a professional "healer," and does not practice nor give advice concerning disease. His position is that of an independent conservative investigator and student of Truth. The conclusions formed are the result of a careful and extended observation of the experiences of scores of persons, together with a study of the literature and philosophy of the subject, in addition to a personal experience of depth and intensity.

It is not for a moment expected that Ideal Suggestion will, in all cases, displace regular mental treatment. But the better the whole subject is generally understood, the broader will be the field of activity for every good living teacher and healer. This system, though now presented as a formulated course of personal development for the first time (so far as the author is aware), has amazing possibilities.

It points out in plain terms the road which if earnestly followed will lead to the quiet but effectual relief of many chronic ailments and nervous inharmonies which are so much in evidence in modern life. If one, in great degree, can do this for himself and in his own home, by wholesome effort, the advantages are obvious.

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