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Prayer Is Answered

Prayer is communion, aspiration, soul-contact with God. The ideal prayer is not a petition for things, for Infinite Love has already bestowed the best, though we may be unconscious of it. To expect a change on God's part would imply that He is imperfect. The ruling desire of each soul is its prayer, therefore each one prays "without ceasing," wisely or unwisely. If it be for wealth, pleasure, renown, or sensuous gratification, the answer is upon the same low plane. The response comes, but proves unsatisfying. But true prayer wields divine forces and makes them ministries of blessing. It discovers and utilizes divine law. Every prayer for the best is eternally answered—on God's part—but not to us—unless we come into at-one-ment.

All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye have received them, and ye shall have them.
—Mark xi. 24. New Version

If ruling desire binds me to God, I shall receive what is God-like. I link myself there, and not to dust. I pray to be whole, and on God's part the answer is eternally complete. To pray is to lift the soul into unison with the Eternal Goodness.

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