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Practical Directions for Ideal Suggestion

Instructions for the use of the Suggested Ideals contained in the following pages.

First—Retire each day to a quiet apartment, and be alone IN THE SILENCE.

Second—Assume the most restful position possible, in an easy-chair, or otherwise; breathe deeply and rather rapidly for a few moments, and thoroughly relax the physical body, for by suggestive correspondence this renders it easier for the mind to be passive and receptive.

Third—Bar the door of thought against the external world, and also shut out all physical sensation and imperfection.

Fourth—Rivet the mind upon the "meditation" (left-hand page), and by careful and repeated reading absorb its truth. Then place the "suggestion" (right-hand page), at a suitable distance from the eyes, and fasten them upon it for from ten to twenty minutes. Do not merely look upon it, but wholly GIVE YOURSELF UP TO IT, until it fills and overflows the entire consciousness.

Fifth—Close the eyes for twenty to thirty minutes more; behold it with the mind's eye, and let it permeate the whole organism.

Sixth—Call it into the field of mental vision during every wakeful hour of the night.

Finally—If disordered conditions are chronic and tenacious, there need be no discouragement if progress is not rapid, nor if "ups and downs" occur. Absorb the ideals REPEATEDLY, until no longer needed. The cure is NOT magical, but a NATURAL GROWTH.

Ideals will be actualized in due season.

Supplementary—After the power to focalize the mind upon ideals is developed, which may often be done in a few weeks, the use of the visible texts as mental pictures will become unnecessary. They are aids during the educational unfoldment of the concentrative faculty. In time the suggestions may be made graphic without their employment. At each sitting, it may be well to alternate five-minute periods of intense concentration with like seasons of perfect rest and receptivity and closed eyes. Be an open receptacle, and let the omnipresent love, good, and strength flow in. For sure progress, use some one of the exercises DAILY. Select the one that seems most fitting.

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