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Mental Healing Is Scientific

Science is systematized truth, as manifested under the operation of law. The great obstacle to the general acceptance of mind-healing has been the mistaken popular notion that its elements were mystical, occult, magical, or capricious. Nothing could be further from the truth. The laws of spiritual science are as exact as those of mathematics. Every hour of positive high affirmation of the ideal perfection of mind and body, tends directly to actualize such conditions. When this principle is intelligently grasped it is at once seen to be scientific. There is no more uncertainty about its trend than there is about our nearing an object if we walk towards it. Even though orderly mental forces may sometimes be set in motion by pure superstition (as through shrines and holy relics), the result is no less logical. The usual limitation of "science" to the realm of matter is its degradation. There is no fact better fortified than that mental states and qualities tend to embody themselves. Thousands of instances, illustrations, and analogies prove such a sequence to be scientifically accurate.

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